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future is a cunt

You never asked what i’ll do
if the alcohol disappears. If it disappears
then this world called bob marley
disappears too, because it swings
swings and vanishes like the smoke.

I close my eyes and my cup hiddens in a special
place, clean and polished, found in my temples,
the taste goes through my body like a woman
searching for my erogenous zones.
if the acohol disappears someone in this world
disappears – and when I say someone
with great pride I say.

You never asked me what I’ll do
in that specific moment.
How would I love my women poems
children. How will I die left astray on a rock
where even vultures won’t dare to look after me.

You never asked me what the alcohol would do
when I’m gone. How will it look for me
for days as a child asking the strangers if
one of them is his father, how will it cry
in so many drunks cheated by their wives and
their life,
how will it kill itself throwing itself in the neck
of an untalented poet.

You never asked what I’ll do without alcohol.
Because you’re a twat and you always knew it.

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